Re: Patchwork Exercise in Workbook

Having a problem loading a design from my stick to my Janome15000, deleted some designs thinking it was overloaded, still will not load. Have already loaded some from this stic same kind of design. Help! Kathy Kmurphy1@... Sent from my iPad

Straining to see your machine from his chair, Jim gives up and puts forth some questions:
First, and most importantly, what is happening when you try to open the design? Do you not see it on the screen, even after using the arrows to look in the various folders? Do you get an error message when you touch the design? If so, what is the message? Is this a purchased design? Some designers use software to create JEF designs, and the software doesn't always get it right. In such cases the machine may refuse to even show the design on the screen.

Not to pick on Kathy, who is already suffering, but for anyone who needs assistance: "Having a problem" just doesn't give us anything to work with. It's the equivalent of saying "When do I add the eggs?". The number of possibilities is so large that it's pretty much impossible to offer anything constructive. Since our conversations here are more or less one-sided with long pauses in between, the more detail you can provide about a problem, the better the odds of getting useful advice. Unless I'm answering, in which case the term "useful" is pretty doubtful.

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