Multiple Font Options

Sue McFarland

What is the best and most cost effective way to get significantly more font options than what is built into the machine?  If I purchase something such as the Brother  font package, will that be compatible?

Far from being the fount on font knowledge, Jim chooses the default font to say:

You need to be very careful purchasing font packages, as many of them are designed to be used with specific lettering programs. For example, Monogram Wizard has dozens of fonts, but you can only use them with Monogram Wizard software. This may also be true of Brother packages, although I don't have any brothers, so what do I know? There are two options I can suggest:

  • they sell monograms as individual letters or packages of entire alphabets. You have to arrange the letters yourself in your project.
  • BuzzWord is a complete lettering program that works with their font packs as well as TruType fonts on your computer. It has a lot of different modes for creating and positioning lettering and you can download a free trial.

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