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Actually, the pink (cherry blossom case) bobbins were "celebrating the 90th Anniversary of Janome Tokyo" because "pink cherry blossoms are a well known symbol of Japan."

I don't think I ever saw anything about the blue (butterfly case) motif marketing 'theme' except that it was a "Limited Edition Blue Butterfly Series" or something to that effect.   

I got both because they are standard Janome bobbins in very pretty just colors with darling cases, thinking I would color code threads with them.  So far, I have not used them at all...just kept them in pristine condition because they are so lovely...and 'special, collector' bobbins, basically....LOL   The info does not seem to be on Janome's site anymore, only this remains:

Which guessed it...I have 'packrat'ed the beautiful pink and blue bobbins in their lovely, adorned cases, and have bought a bunch of clear Janome bobbins and pre-wound Janome bobbins for actual use, in addition to all the other Janome (and Kenmore) bobbins that I have been collecting for about the past 45 years or so...LOL.

Jane, I am so very sorry to hear about your eldest daughter.  I have lost several beloved, including a 22 year old nephew, his father, grandfather, uncle, and great grandfather, and now have a 30 year old nephew recently diagnosed....not to mention all the friends and other family members through the years, some of whom are still with us, including me.  It is a terrible thing to lose them and we have lots of terrible things that go wrong.  My very best to you...many hugs.

- Cat

- Cat 

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Hi Norma,
They are no different. The pink ones represent breast cancer however I do forget what the blue ones represent. I have both colours because the price was right when I needed bobbins and I was supporting the breast cancer program at the same time having lost our eldest girl to breast cancer.


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