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No need to hide, no one is jumping here! Your point about eBay is a good one, but even there one must use caution. The problem is that what is said in the listing isn't always true. I expect that Janome's policy in Australia is the same as in the US. Only machines that are on the "Internet approved" list can be sold in venues such as eBay, Amazon, Craig's List and the like. If a dealer lists a 12000 online, it usually means that he/she is not at all concerned about losing dealership. Why? Perhaps it's already been taken. When Janome first established the Internet policy, we were told that violation would result in termination of our dealership. While terminated dealers have the option of returning unopened stock, some will still put what they have online. Warranty status gets murky, and the buyer may get stuck.

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Sorry but my message has been misunderstood...I was not for one minute suggesting the OP buy a machine out of country, I was merely suggesting she/he might check eBay and used this machine as an example. It's being sold by a dealer who states full warranty is available and it's being listed on eBay due to being overstocked. All I know is what I read on eBay and was only making a suggestion and trying to help another member.

Not everyone has a dealer at the end of the street, some of us have to travel an hour or two and buying on eBay (and similar) are our only options.

Think I'll head back to my sewing before I get jumped on again!

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