Re: MC11000 driver problem

Cat - N

Okay, I am surprise there, I admit...LOL, and I completely apologize for my absolute ignorance.

Does Customizer 11000 use a different driver than the PC Folder Tool?  I have Customizer 1.5 and I transfer designs from the PC to the MC 11000 (v.3.10) by USB cable all the time using Customizer 1.5 on 64-bit Windows 8.1.  I upgraded my Customizer v.1.3 on Janome's website:

    Adds Windows 7 / 64-bit compatibility and other minor improvements

There is an OS Compatibility Kit that says on page 3 that shows the message that will display on 64-bit systems and says to "Select Install" in the instruction:

I am pretty sure I did all of this last year, although the whole machine embroidery thing was completely new to me, and I lost two computers in rapid succession, so I installed it all three times, the last time being on this 64-bit Windows 8.1 PC.  So, I 'could' be 'missing' something.

I have PC Folder Tool v.1.4, and I have RUN it but never did anything else with it except 'drill' through the folder structure then "X" out of the I don't know if it works or not, and I am not even sure what it is supposed to do, and not sure if I even need/want it.

The only driver issues I have had, when using Customizer 1.5 to send designs, was if the MC11000 was turned off, or if I forgot and plugged the MC 11000 into the new USB hub I have, or if I plugged the MC 11000 into a USB connector of a version it doesn't like...I have 3 versisons on this laptop and I forget which is which. 

Is my stuff a 'freak' of technology?  Hope I didn't jinx it by saying...LOL...but now wondering how things will work when I get my 15000 because I also plan to keep the MC 11000, too.  Should I worry?

- Cat

Spraining his brain while trying to remember too far back, Jim says:
The PC Folder Tool fell through the cracks, as it was little understood. It *should* use the same driver as Customizer 11000, assuming that it has been updated for 64-bit operation. We covered PC Folder Tool in an issue of the now-defunct 11Heaven newsletter. Other than to write the article, we never used it and I don't think many 11000 owners did either.

While it does sound like your melange of USB hubs and ports could be challenging, I don't think you'll have any issues with the 15000. Janome has yet to implement USB 3, and quite possibly USB 2. USB 3 ports are downward compatible with USB 2, but maybe not USB 1.

Windows 8.1 may be a problem, as Janome did have to put out updates for it, at least with the Digitizer software. None of the Windows 8 variants got much love. You may be eligible to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, though some have run into nightmares doing that.

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