MC11000 driver problem

Caroline Wright

My 15000 is at the dealer being serviced and I am trying to use my 11000 and am having driver problems.  I have installed W10 since last using my 11000 for embroidery and think that may be the problem.  I installed the PC folder tools from the DVD but still get a driver error saying "The USB driver was improperly installed or damaged.  Uninstall the USB driver and re-install it.  Remove the current USB driver?"  I have V2.10.
I am hesitant to do this as I don't want to create a driver problem when I get my 15000 back.  Suggestions please and thanks.


Being in a car in Dallas means there are ALWAYS driver problems, but Jim survives to say:

Your Windows 10 is almost certainly 64-bit. Janome did not make a 64-bit driver for the 11000, so you won't be able to get PC Folder Tools to work. Your only option is to use USB flash drives, which rely on the built-in Windows driver.

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