Re: New product announcement

Shirley Allen

Jim, Are there a trial version for the 12000 yet? Or am I pushing it? Anxious to see videos. Also I have the Elna 920 Expressive & will this work with it? And I have the Ver.1.00 & wanted to know if I could update mine to the version1.20 for the Memory Craft 12000?? Lots of questions for the Guro of techies

Feeling like a leaf in a hurricane, Jim says:
I'm working on the 12000 version now. There is a LOT of work involved, as each of the 58 videos has to be re-encoded for the web. I also need to develop the pages for the website. As for how well it will apply to the Elna 920, that machine is more like the Janome 14000. We've never seen this machine, so I can't make any guarantees, but I would think that the 15000 videos would apply more than the 12000. Of course you can update your 12000 to V1.2. See this page for the instructions and software.

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