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What a gift! Thank you. This version seems to work perfectly on my WIN 10 system. I have the My 15000 & the Foot Book for the iPad. I enjoy using those apps on that device, but seem to have my PC laptop open more often and would use this version more.

I appreciate all you and Diane do for this group. Thanks again.

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Subject: [janome12000] New product announcement

Ok, well more like a new old product announcement!   Long time readers are no doubt familiar with (and perhaps sick of hearing about) our iPhone/iPad app My 15000. We have had many requests for a version that could be used on a PC or Android device, neither of which was something we were interested in doing. That said, we have reviewed the structure of the app and realized we could implement it as a web app to be viewed in a browser. Previously we sold DVDs for the 12000 that were viewed using a web browser, but after numerous compatibility issues we had to abandon that. I was very skeptical that a web version would work, but pressed on and discovered that it actually can work. So we made a web version.

Of course there are so many different devices, operating systems, and browsers that we could not possibly test them all. So we made the first 10 "quick start" videos completely free so you could find out whether you can use them on your particular device. All videos use the same player, so if it works you can be assured that you'll be able to purchase a membership for all of them. If the free videos don't work, please DO NOT purchase a membership, because the paid videos won't work either! We've tested on Windows 7, 8, and 10 with Internet Explorer 10 and higher, FireFox, and Chrome, all good. Windows XP won't work. Android on an Asus tablet and a Kindle Fire also work. All modern web browsers (say from the last 3 years) should work fine. The videos are HD, so if you are using a cellular connection you're going to burn through a lot of bandwidth, which could result in overage charges. We can't do anything about that, because right now only Apple supports the type of streaming that adjusts automatically to the bandwidth. That's what we use in the iTunes apps.

Permanent access to the web app costs $59.99 USD, the same price as the apps. All of the same features are included, and we can (and will) update the videos as needed. If you have a 15000, but do not have our app, we invite you to check out My 15000 Online. Thanks!

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