Re: New product announcement

Anne Parker

Just thinking - if you are able to give iPad users free access to the online version, does that mean it would also give free access to the iPad App for those that have bought online? 

If so then I for one would be able to use it both online and on my Apple TV4 (though haven't bought the app yet for that, so will be buying the online version as I can take that away with me and review away from home if I want).


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Attempting to clarify, Jim says:
The iPad app includes the Apple TV4 app (and vice-versa), but there is NO relationship between the online app and the Apple apps. Purchasing the online app will allow you to view the videos on an iPad or iPhone using the embedded Safari browser, but not on the Apple TV because it does not have web access. As mentioned in a prior response to another post, it is possible to use AirPlay on the iPhone/iPad to display on a PC with the AirServer software. You can also use AirPlay to view on the Apple TV (V2-4) without the Apple TV4 app.

There are definite advantages to using the app on an iPhone or iPad:
* If using a cellular data connection, video quality will adjust to the available bandwidth for the best viewing experience. We cannot do this in the online version, as no browser supports it.

* Design files downloaded in the app can be opened directly in AcuEdit or AcuDesign for instant availability. This is not possible in the online version.

* Access through the app is much faster, because there is no delay for the browser to load and pages to render.

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