Re: New product announcement

Anne Parker

Jim and Diane

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!   It all works for me on Windows 10 and Firefox - so I'm a really happy bunny!  The borrowed iPad will be going back to my step-son (haven't even looked at it yet and he lent it me at New Year!)

I'm a definite customer and will be purchasing soon - I'm sure there will be lots of others interested!  Yet to try it on my husbands Lenovo tablet.

One thing though - it wasn't obvious to me that you had to click on one of the videos that wasn't in the quick start section in order to get to the purchase screen.  I was expecting to find a button
​ to pay - but at least I've now found out how to do it! :0)


"Live like someone left the gate open". Kimberly Burnham

 Being no-so-obvious, Jim says:
I'm working on the possibility of adding a purchase button to the menu bar. Unfortunately web software is much less flexible than apps, so it may take a bit.

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