Re: New product announcement

Meryl Margolies

Will the 12000 version be forthcoming? I'll definitely be onboard for that even though I have the IPad app, and your CD's. I have a new all-in-one with HD and the videos are more amazing than on my IPad mini.

Also, will a subscription be able to be used on a PC and an Android device for the same subscription?

Here's hoping for the quick release of  My 12000 :)

Attempting to be forthcoming, Jim says:

Now that we have gone through the development, yes the 12000 can (and probably will) be made available online. A single online subscription can be viewed on anything with a web browser, so PC and Android is definitely an option. However there is absolutely no way to extend the iPad app or CDs to include access to the online version. The online version is managed by a completely different company.

If you already have the iPad app you can get a Windows program that will allow the iPad videos to be displayed on your PC screen. Check out AirServer for more details. There is a free trial for 7 days and after that the $15 charge would be much less than buying online access. Another benefit of this - you don't have to wait for us to make the online version!

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