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The only thing you would gain, other than the hoops, is the ability to send a design directly to the machine or USB. If Embird has met your needs up to now, then I would recommend you stick with it. One word of caution though - with the 11000 Embird mistakenly assumed that designs for the 11000 HAD to be JEF+ in order to support the larger hoops. They reverse-engineered the JEF+ format, but did not implement it fully. This created some problems in the first releases. With the 12000 we still have JEF and JEF+, but there is a new format JPX added to the mix. Embird will have to reverse-engineer that as well, and there could be some rough patches until they get it right. The safest course would be to take all designs created by Embird into HorizonLink first, preparatory to sending them to the machine or USB drive. That will help prevent throwing something at the machine that it is not prepared to deal with.

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While we are on the subject, would there be any advantage in buying Digitizer Junior if I already have Embird, except for the fact that Embird doesn't yet contain the 12000 hoops?

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I can't speak for Janome, but I seriously doubt it. Digitizer Junior is really designed as a tool for converting formats and doing very low level digitizing. At our store we routinely gave it away with embroidery machines so the new owners would have the basic tools for embroidery.

There is an upgrade to take Digitizer Junior V3 to the full Digitizer MBX. It's part number 254747009. The price from most dealers would be north of $1,000, but this will vary widely from dealer to dealer and country to country. A dealer friend of mine accepted Digitizer Junior V3 as part of his customers' trade-in packages. Talk to your dealer and see if you can work something out. I doubt you'll get it free, but if you've bought a 12000 from him/her, you are in a good bargaining position.

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is there going to be an upgrade to ver 3? cost or no charge upgrade? guess
which I prefer?

Subject line says it all. Thanks in advance. Judy

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