Accessing Border stiches

Linda Rayburn

I would like to make a embroidered stich pattern combo in Horizon Link or Acu Design using some of the individual border stitches which are found on the machine under Embroidery-2/3 Letter Monograms after all of the monogram fonts- "Borders". (See pg174 ,115 in the manual) can you tell me how to pull these up on Pattern Combo on Horizon Link or if it's even possible. Or can I only do it on the machine?

I'm looking to create some frame designs with them for pillows.

Thanks for your help!


Always loving a good frame-up, Jim says:

Some, but not all, of the border designs from page 174 are in the Monogram section of the Pattern Combo Tool in HorizonLink Suite. They're on the right side of the screen in the "Symbol" section. Those stitches are not included in AcuDesign, even with the Lettering module. You could create a string of designs in the EDIT screen of the machine and then import it into AcuDesign to make your layout. This is not trivial, but neither is it impossible.

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