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Now that you mention it I have been doing a lot of paper piecing lately too.  That helps solve the mystery.  I haven’t been doing much embroidery other than simple butterflies.  I didn’t edit them at the machine.
That’s so true about the seam ripper, an important part of sewing if you care about your results.   It can be time consuming but I do like it when my seams match “perfectly”.  I used to think it was the worst thing ever and now I just consider it part of the process.

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I can frog stitch with the best!
I once had aa adult student tell me she didn’t need to learn how to remove stitches and another student told her that she must not be planning on doing much sewing in the future.
I think one doesn’t realize how long it takes to line up and hoop things, embroider and then start all over again. Also I have been doing a fair amount of paper piecing which has a small amount of stitching relative to all the lining up, pinning, trimming, folding and checking, getting up and going to the iron for pressing and back again.
This is all too bad since I like running the machine the most and doing all the prep the least but hey that’s most of life!
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Do you spend a lot of time with your seam ripper like I do?  lol.  Apparently now more than ever.  Maybe because I’m learning new things.

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