Re: Repairs on Janome machines

cas <cas@...>

You’re right.  It makes me paranoid I’m wasting a lot of time instead of sewing!  Oh well, proper preparation is just as important. 
Jim, does it matter to dealers how many hours are on the machine, like for trade-in, like a car?

Kicking the tires, Jim says:
With so few machines even having a usage meter, dealers rely more on overall appearance and personal experience with a machine when appraising a machine for trade-in. In our years as dealers I saw 10 year old machines that looked new, as well as one-year-old machines that were beaten half to death. Some owners would have their machines in for service every few weeks to correct damage caused by careless use, only to be outraged when I failed to offer them a generous trade-in. In almost all cases it's not the number of hours that matters, but how the machine was treated during those hours.

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