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There is no issue of metric tools vs imperial. ALL Janome products use the same metric screws, which have been the standard in Japan for many, many years. A machine made for Australia will differ from a machine made for Canada only in labeling and required certifications for the respective country.

Voltage differences are also a non-issue. With the Memory Craft 10000 they moved to switching power supplies that work on all voltages, just as computers do. The only thing required would be a new power cord with the correct plug on the wall end.

However I still think it's a very bad idea to buy a machine "out of country", especially when it costs as much as the 12000 does!

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There is also the question of power supply - Australia has 240V alternating current but I believe the USA uses direct current at a lower voltage, so would I be right in thinking that a voltage reducer would be required to use a machine made for the Australian market in the USA?

Western Australia

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The other issue is one that crops up when someone from Canada buys a
machine in the US during the winter is where the machine is "metric" or
"imperial". Canadian dealers do not have the correct tools to work on a
machine produced for the American market so if something goes wrong, the
machine has to be worked on by a dealer in the US.

Donna M

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