Re: Introduction(another question for Jim)

norma carson

Hi Jim,
Hope this doesn't end up too long...just read your 22 page article on switching to a MAC...not sure if you remember me but I switched last year (bought windows 8 and parallels) had a horrible time trying to run my Embird digitizing software, long story short I ditched all that (uninstalled everything and decided to purchase a cheap windows laptop for only digitizing)...

I am now at the point (shopping) of purchasing a laptop (you recommended asus or acer) well now I'm rethinking you think my problems could have been because of Embird? Other people seem to do OK adding you know anything about Embird?  I know you like the Janome software, I've used other digitizing software (Notions, Generations and the Janome software in its early stages) and always go back to Embird (I even bought Embrilliance last year when I was having all these problems and couldn't handle it)....I value your opinion so I'm asking for your advice once my Mac!   Do you think I should give it another try with VM (I still have my copy of Windows 8 but trashed the parallels)or get another laptop for digitizing? Thank you for your patience.

Norma Carson
Lodi, CA

Hey Norma,
I can't speak to your prior problems with Parallels, but there's a no-cost way to try again. Start by downloading a free trial of VMware Fusion. Use your Windows 8 software to create a Windows VM on your Mac. You should be able to update from Windows 8 to Windows 10 for free. Do that. Then see how things go with Embird. If it works for you then you can just buy Fusion and you're done.

One note for you, and anyone else who is upgrading/has upgraded to Windows 10:
Windows 10 has gone back to the goofy interface that works for desktop and tablet alike, and it's very confusing to long-time Windows users. You can make it look like what you are used to with a free program called "Classic Shell". I recommend it.

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