Connecting to 15000 from computer

Caroline Wright

Jim, I previously posted on this topic and would again like your opinion.  I run W10 with paralllels on my Mac.  I upgraded the MBX software to 5.0.  The software cannot find my wifi and you had suggested they may be on different networks.  My Mac, Ipad & 15000 are all connected to the same network...I do not use the guest logon.  Anyway, in looking at the W10 connection last night, it indicates it is connected via ethernet?  So, I'm thinking that means W10 is getting internet service directly from the Mac and cannot, on it's own, see the modem?   And, as always thanks for sharing your expertise on so many things Janome.


Diving into the network pool from the high board, Jim comes up sputtering this:

By default Parallels sets up a Windows VM to use shared networking. This, in effect, turns the Mac into a router. That means that the virtual machine is on a separate network from the rest of your computers. This article explains the various network modes. What you need to do is set up Parallels to use bridged networking. That effectively puts the VM on the same network as everything else and you should then be able to connect with the machine.

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