Re: Repairs on Janome machines

Anne Parker

Hi Martie

I have had a similar experience to you.  I have lots of machines - Vintage which I can sort myself, electronic one of which I have only had to take in one time when everything was completely frozen from being kept for years in a garage, and computerised one of which I had to take in for a blown condenser.  I've had the 15000 since Oct 2014 and so far - fingers crossed - I haven't had to take it anywhere!

I think though the very nature of a forum is that people join it to learn more, but also when they get problems, so it's sort of self selecting that the people that have problems are most of the people that post on the forum - so basically I think the membership is skewed as people who don't have issues have no pressing reason to join or post unless they want to use their experience to try and help others - which many people on this forum do and I for one am very grateful to them all! :0) - Thankyou everyone.


"Live like someone left the gate open". Kimberly Burnham


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