Re: Introduction

Anne Parker


I believe you can run Janome software on Macs provided you can give it a Windows enironment to run in.  I've seen Jim mention Parallels to do this but I have not experience of it or Macs so hopefully he will provide some info or others that use it -  or you could simple search the forum for information about it or look at their website.


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From his chair in front of his Mac, Jim says:
Parallels is an option for using Windows on a Mac, but not my first choice. The authors love to update the software at a furious pace and it's not at all uncommon for an update to break running virtual machines until they fix the update bugs. I much prefer VMware Fusion, which does not update as fast but is much more stable. Yet another option is VirtualBox, which is free but is more geeky to use. I have a free document discussing the use of a Mac with Janome software. You can download it here.

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