Re: My 15000 on Apple TV -- YAAAAAAY!

Anne Parker


One reason I bought 'us' the Apple TV at Christmas was because of the My 15000 app - which I haven't actually purchased yet. (I hate the touch control though!) I don't have any other Apple products so it was the only way I could get it other than buying an iPad - I really don't need anymore PC's, laptops, tablets, phones at this time.  My step-son lent me an iPad just after Christmas but I haven't even looked at it yet - I want to compare it to my Android devices which I love - to see whether I will buy one when the time does come to buy another device.

I also have the Footbook - but on DVD which Jim and Diane no longer produce, so I don't get the upgrades.  Just wondering Jim - is that or will it be available on Apple TV?


"Live like someone left the gate open". Kimberly Burnham

 Taking a break from Netflix, Jim says:
FootBook, unlike the machine apps, is only 50% video. It does not lend itself well to Apple TV.

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