Repairs on Janome machines


I am really totally amazed at the amount of you groupers that have problems with Janomes that actually have to go to the shop for repairs.

I have owned the 8000, 9000, 10000, and now the 12000.  Since 1993 I have sewed nearly every day with these machines and have yet to take one in for a repair.  I always clean my machine, oil that little wick, change needles frequently, praise her, thank her for the lovely job that she does.

My dealer is a two hour drive.  Used to be a 5 hour drive away.  I am grateful for the fine way that these machines are made and grateful for all the videos that are available for free as are all the written instructions on the web.

All of that said...I sewed with a Singer when I had four kids that all wore handmade clothes until junior high school, for 24 years.  I had no repairs with it either.  I was self taught from age 12.  I don't feel that I am bragging just astounded.  And thankful.

Martie in CA 

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