Re: Free project for 12000 owners!

Tina Jensen <jensen.rt@...>

Thanks for the free project, I also like doing in the hoop projects, look forward to making it when my machine arrives,Tina.

--- In, "Jim_Stutsman" <jim@...> wrote:

Diane loves in-the-hoop projects, and the lovely 230 x 300 hoop GR allows for bigger projects than she's ever done before. She also loves Starbucks, so she made her own custom Zarf. What's a Zarf you say? That's the little cardboard sleeve that they put on the coffee cup to protect your fingers. It's not terribly effective at that. Diane made hers from Minkee Blankee fabric. It's insulated and works great for both hot and cold drinks. With some careful digitizing Diane has managed to create a Zarf project that is done entirely within the hoop. The only other sewing needed is to attach the button.

The finished project is in a single Zip file. It contains instructions and two designs - one with an embroidered design in the middle, and the other blank so you can insert your own embroidery using the EDIT screen of the 12000 or Horizon Link. The project file is too large to upload to our file space on Yahoo, so I've put it on DropBox. Here's the download link:

For those of you who have machines, let us know what you think & maybe upload photos of your finished Zarf. If you are still waiting for your 12000, download the project and save it to use as your first project on your new machine.

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