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Oh nooo...I hope they do get it fixed for you. 

You would think that you could ask a professional to investigate an issue, then fix what is found, but more and more, and not just with sewing machines, I find it not to be the case.  I am really saddened to see all the trouble others have had.  I have to admit to a bit of concern about the same kind of issues happening when I get my 15000.  I understand thread shredding can happen on any machine...the tension discs etc. will need cleaning. 

When his manager demo'd the 15000 to hubby and me, I told them we were 'making the rounds'...i.e., going to see Babylock, Pfaff, and possibly Brother if there was time left after seeing the Janome.  Videos are only so good helping you decide what you want when you have NO IDEA what you need or want.  LOL

However, when I first took in the 11000 'practice' machine, this guy seemed to 'take it personally' that he didn't sell it to me...or that he didn't sell me the 15000 (yet)...or that's the feeling I I took food from his newborn's mouth.  He was quite 'forceful' in quizzing me about WHERE the machine came from!  If that's what it was all about, it could be bad news for him because how he treats me now with this 'practice' machine results in where I get my next machine...not the other way round...LOL  I am 62 so will not be working for sure in 3 years, at which time, driving to a much larger city with a Janome 'dealer bound' will be a fun day trip for me...and maybe even sooner than that. 

I am willing to accept that I can absolutely mess up.  I try NOT to, but for goodness sake...check first, find the problem, fix it...then smack my knuckles for being stupid and I will be guilted into being better next time so as to NOT hurt my machine.  LOL

Here are the two onsies I did go ahead and give my daughter-in-law and son for my grandson to spill food and upchuck on.  I did the  Dino Baby first, and since no one knew what it was supposed to look like, I let it go.  I absolutely love the little cross-eyed begging puppy, and the border is better on it.  The onsie after it is still in my 5x7 Acufil hoop, and I have one more of the 6-month size, and 8 more of the 18 month size to do.

- Cat

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Bad enough to have a machine that's not working, but to have onesies to sew and not be able to get them sewn borders on torturous!  I'm so sorry this happened to you!  I like my dealer, but the first assumption is still that *I* have done something wrong to cause the trouble.  It's never the machine's fault.  That's a peeve!

The thought of having to take my husband or another advocate in with me saddens me since the dealers are there for service to those of us who added to their profits by purchasing machines from them....

Strategy advice: Mare sure YOU initiate the conversation by sharing your expertise and knowledge on the issue.  Take your manual in with you to show the limited Janome information you've had access to, and maybe show some print-outs from this group to let the tec h person know you have done your research.  The question I'd then ask the dealer might go something like this: "Do you think the new threader part might be the solution for us on this recurrent problem?"

I spent HOURS over a couple of weeks troubleshooting the needle threader with the manual and the Janome site. I then found this group.  When I went into the dealer, I shared how I had seen discussions online about others having the same problem.  While I didn't get blamed using this proactive approach, I didn't get the needle threader fixed either. 

The dealer seemed to think the fix would be  on-spot simple, but after about 30 minutes, the tech called out an assistant, and neither of them could make the needle threader  work!  I left my machine, picked it up the next day, supposedly fix ed, but it still didn't work.

Another trip to the dealer is in my near future.  I've procrastinated this for weeks since I too need my machine to finish stuff I'm making for the grands!  This time I will call first and present the information Jim shared about the new part so they can get on top of this before I drop my machine off:

Also note that they have very quietly replaced the part of the threader that holds the thread (862627005) with one that holds it more securely. Your dealer may not know about that, and can order the part and install it for you.
Should it really be so unpleasant to take a machine under warranty in for service????

Judy B

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