Re: HowJanome Dealer Sent My Machine Home After Service

Cat - N

Thank you, everyone.  I appreciate your views and your thinking on this.  I have other choices, but they are a lot further 90-100 or so miles further, and it will have to be Saturday visits for that, at least for right now. 

My hubby was with actually me the first time I took the machine in, but his presence didn't matter.  He was not 'nice' to his vacuum customer couple either...he walked away from us to go help them.  They were a bit older than us, but they left without buying anything.  I did buy a new bobbin case...

To be sure, I do not take a machine to the dealer unless I believe it needs a technician's touch, and I support the local businesses as much as possible.  I am deciding my next move but contacting Janome is not out of the question.

Thank you much!!!

- Cat

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