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Thanks, Pixey,  Yes, the guy is the owner, or so I am told by the manager. Also, I have dealt with the manager...the manager is the one who demo'd the 15000 for me, and the one from whom I picked up the machine on Thursday evening.   The machine was in the case, so I didn't see the thread like that until Saturday afternoon.  I prefer dealing with the manager than the owner, but the manager didn't call me back, as promised, about the bobbin case stop and whether they could fix it, nor did he (the owner) either.  So that was WHY I called a dealer nearly 100 miles away...who was very helpful  So, not sure.  I have been going to that 'company' since 1987 with a break of about 15 years while I wasn't sewing due to lack of time.  I think it is under new ownership now, seems very different.

I am just currently laughing about, but at an absolute loss to explain, WHY no one noticed (or cared?) that the machine had done EXACTLY...for of the things I took the machine in for TWICE, and called them about.  I can't help buy wonder how it was that they removed the hoop but didn't notice a long red thread hanging out of the needle plate and/or didn't remove it and/or look more closely at it!  Obviously, the problem is NOT ME, since I was not anywhere near their store when their top thread nested in the bobbin case this time while they were embroidering their designs on their fabric/stabilizer using their hoop and their embroidery thread!  LOL

I really do not have any emotional involvement in this.  I would like to keep it when I get the 15000, so, really, I just want it to work, and have been willing to put in the effort and money to fix whatever issues it has and make it a super good machine, and have bought it lots of toys and accessories, so it already knows it is super loved.  LOL

I am thinking I may try to call the dealer/manager Monday, if I can find time while at work, to 'inquire' about the problem THEY had, that resulted in the nested red thread.  LOL

- Cat

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You don't indicate whether you have been dealing with the Manager/Owner or just the sales and repair staff.  I had a bad experience a while back with a sales representative and complained directly to the person in charge (honestly not sure whether he is the actual owner or just long time local manager).  He apologized and made things right and it has actually made the relationship stronger...which was good when I recently had some major machine issues.

So if you have not been dealing with the senior on-site manager, I would suggest doing so.  Going in with all the details and trying to lay out frustrations without getting too emotional.  If you are already dealing with the manager/owner, I would either go back and explain one last time I am not happy and point out when/if you feel condescended to (the person may not realize they are doing it).  But ultimately, your options may be to push it up the chain with Janome o r walk away and try to find another dealer...if possible.  Though that dealer may not necessarily be any better as I learned a time or two when I have visited other dealers who stock different accessories.


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