opening a design from usb port

Steven Fineburg

I just got my machine this week and I haven't gone in for training .I also bought floriana total software. I made a design with just text . I then choose save as jef on usb plugged into machine and clicked on usb and design wouldn't open then went back and saved as dot format still can't get to open . Its a brand new usb stick is there something i'm suppose to do to usb before I write design . Any help would be very appreciated   Thanks jane

What machine do you have? Do you see the design on the USB drive in the machine? What folder did you put the design in? For simplicity I would suggest using EmbF inside of EMB. That's what the machine will default to, and it will save you having to look through the whole USB drive. What hoop did you choose in the Floriani software? If their software isn't specifying a hoop that the machine recognizes it will not open the design.

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