My 15000 on Apple TV -- YAAAAAAY!


Has anyone else had this happy-dance discovery recently???????

Last night I was looking at the apps on my new Apple TV.  (We upgraded to the one with Siri and the touch remote control -- LOVE it!)  What to my surprise: I saw that My 15000 was an available app to use on my Apple TV.  I quickly added it and am now even more overjoyed that I purchased this app.  

I pondered a long time prior to buying the My 15000 app, and partly that was due to my general frustration with Janome for not providing better information such that buying an app would be necessary.  However, the investment was MORE than worth it!  I can't even believe how much work and thought went into My 15000.  The user-interface is lovely compared with the rather jerky UI designs put out by Janome for their apps.  Janome really should send their developers to Apple to learn how to take advantage of the creative possibilities on iOS.

While I've been enjoying My 15000 on my iPad Pro, I can now also view them on my HD TV since the app works on Apple TV.  Thanks VERY much to Jim and Diane.  They are constantly improving on their apps which are already superb! I appreciate how they hop on the Apple development and creative curve and step up to new challenges by doing things such as making their app available in the new Apple TV environment!

Super big cheers for Jim and Diane!  Can't wait for a few minutes to enjoy My 15000 on the big screen!  Their videos are definitely high quality and will be a pleasure to view from the comfort of my couch!

Judy B

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