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Bad enough to have a machine that's not working, but to have onesies to sew and not be able to get them sewn borders on torturous!  I'm so sorry this happened to you!  I like my dealer, but the first assumption is still that *I* have done something wrong to cause the trouble.  It's never the machine's fault.  That's a peeve!

The thought of having to take my husband or another advocate in with me saddens me since the dealers are there for service to those of us who added to their profits by purchasing machines from them....

Strategy advice: Mare sure YOU initiate the conversation by sharing your expertise and knowledge on the issue.  Take your manual in with you to show the limited Janome information you've had access to, and maybe show some print-outs from this group to let the tech person know you have done your research.  The question I'd then ask the dealer might go something like this: "Do you think the new threader part might be the solution for us on this recurrent problem?"

I spent HOURS over a couple of weeks troubleshooting the needle threader with the manual and the Janome site. I then found this group.  When I went into the dealer, I shared how I had seen discussions online about others having the same problem.  While I didn't get blamed using this proactive approach, I didn't get the needle threader fixed either. 

The dealer seemed to think the fix would be  on-spot simple, but after about 30 minutes, the tech called out an assistant, and neither of them could make the needle threader  work!  I left my machine, picked it up the next day, supposedly fixed, but it still didn't work.

Another trip to the dealer is in my near future.  I've procrastinated this for weeks since I too need my machine to finish stuff I'm making for the grands!  This time I will call first and present the information Jim shared about the new part so they can get on top of this before I drop my machine off:

Also note that they have very quietly replaced the part of the threader that holds the thread (862627005) with one that holds it more securely. Your dealer may not know about that, and can order the part and install it for you.

Should it really be so unpleasant to take a machine under warranty in for service????

Judy B

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Hi Cat

Firstly, I wouldn't allow the dealer to talk DOWN to me.  Also, if you take your husband in with you, there is someone in your ball park to stick up for you.  The dealer may also be less inclined to make it appear to be "your fault" that the machine isn't working right.  It really makes me angry when I hear that "the customer is wrong", because that isn't the case.  We may sometimes not understand the correct threading, or getting the bobbin case in correctly, but before one is blamed, it should be established that what is being done is not correct.  Just KNOW that you aren't wrong.  If you have a choice let your dealer know that you are very unhappy and you have another choice for purchasing your next machine and that it isn't HIM/HER.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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I am just in shock.  What would you do if you took your Janome embroidery machine to a Janome dealer because it was not embroidering correctly, and asked for it to be checked along with an annual service and cleaning?  This is a machine which has gone to this dealer before for top thread being wrapped around the bobbin, and thread nesting in the bobbin case.This dealer has blamed me and everything 'but' an issue with the machine on every occasion I have asked for the issues to be looked into, and I do not expect it to e free service, but I do expect an honest and fair assessment, and NOT to be talked down to and reprimanded when I say the machine 'just isn't right' yet.  This dealer 'hopes' to sell me my 15000, too.

I wanted to use it this weekend...I couldn't finish the baby onsies for my soon-to-arrive grandson and wanted to get them done.  Now I am torn between having to wait and let hubby take it back Monday...and not getting to go myself, or just 'chalking it up' to this 'service' which has become 'typical' of this dealer, my experience, anyway. 

My question is serious, though...what...would YOU do?

- Cat

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