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it sounds like a good idea, for the dealer but not for you.

Ask him about his hourly rate for working on the machine. So you know what a repair might cost. Maybe someone else on the list can give you an estimate for parts that may break and are not under warranty during those years.


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Hello All,

I purchased my 15000 in Sept 2015 and have loved owning and using it. I purchased from a local dealer that I like, here in my city. I traded in my 7700 that I also bought in town but from a different smaller dealer, that was also good but a very small "shop". I took my 15k in today for some minor tuning/adjustments, needle threader, cutter, bobbin winder nothing major wrong with the machine. The machine is under Mfg. warranty for 1 year.

The dealer offered me "insurance" today it is like his extension of the Mfg. warranty he says that for 3 years from the time my 1 year is up; it will cover all parts and all labor on ANY repair or part replacement for the machine and I believe that embroidery unit. It also covers a once a year tune up kind of like I asked for today. The price for this insurance is $1000, it sounds like a lot [of fabric] to me, but I know repairs are costly. 

Do you all think this is a good idea?

I remember a discussion that the electronics are covered for 5 years - is that parts and labor? What are the other terms of the Janome warranty that I might be missing?? As a retired dealer Jim what do you think of this plan???

Thanks for any input,

Deb in CA

To paraphrase the late Paul Harvey, "Stand by for (yet another long post that may cause you doze off into your oatmeal)!

There are, as you might expect, many sides to this question. Bear with me as we walk around them.

First, the standard Janome warranty on high end computer machines covers everything, including labor, for one year. Electronic parts are covered for 5 years, but not the labor to replace them. Mechanical parts are covered for 30 years, again not the labor. The warranty is sufficiently worded with regard to misuse so there is wiggle room for a dealer to deny warranty service if they want to argue the point, though this is not common. It wouldn't happen at all if Janome paid for warranty service, as some other manufacturers do.

Some dealers will offer in-house warranties as a competitive advantage. I knew one who promised his customers that they would never pay for a repair on their machine, only for tune-ups. What he didn't say was that every repair starts with a tune-up! We used to offer various packages of free routine maintenance, tiered to the price of the machine, with 5 years being the package for a top line model. Yours is a little more adventurous with a $1,000 option, but for that amount of money he can replace pretty much every part that *might* fail without losing money.

The whole "extended warranty" thing is now a profit center for the big box retailers like Best Buy. They are selling the products for razor thin margins and the extended warranty is where the profit comes. Even Amazon offers extended warranties for purchase on items as mundane as a cable. They are just about always a sucker bet, except for really high end electronics with new technology that may not be quite perfected. I spent $200 on a 3 year warranty for a $1,000 monitor, which developed a yellow line down the middle after two years. Without the warranty it would have cost $900 to replace the failed LED screen.

The one place where I nearly always buy the extended warranty is on American appliances (I'm looking at you Whirlpool!). The companies that make these things (in China) have masterfully managed to make the life of the appliance end along with the warranty. I've had this happen enough time to know it's not an accident. By selling through big box stores like Home Depot, Lowe's, etc. the manufacturer is protected because the consumer has only a few shoddy brands to choose from, and in fact most of them are made by the same company.

Putting the soap box back under the steps, I'll just say that I don't think your dealer is offering you anything special, especially at that price!

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