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Same thing happened to me.   Since the rude person was not the owner I sent an email to the owner.   He called me and said he would make it right no cost to me and he did.  Although I do have to tell you I have bought/upgraded 5 machines with him.    Also he gives me 25% off stabilizer and 20% off thread now.   Even before the discounts he is the lowest price in town.  I live in Sarasota and we are blessed to have a lot of quilt shops.   He is the only Janome dealer though.  I would have to go to Tampa if I ever became dissatisfied  


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I am just in shock.  What would you do if you took your Janome embroidery machine to a Janome dealer because it was not embroidering correctly, and asked for it to be checked along with an annual service and cleaning?  This is a machine which has gone to this dealer before for top thread being wrapped around the bobbin, and thread nesting in the bobbin case.This dealer has blamed me and everything 'but' an issue with the machine on every occasion I have asked for the issues to be looked into, and I do not expect it to e free service, but I do expect an honest and fair assessment, and NOT to be talked down to and reprimanded when I say the machine 'just isn't right' yet.  This dealer 'hopes' to sell me my 15000, too.

I wanted to use it this weekend...I couldn't finish the baby onsies for my soon-to-arrive grandson and wanted to get them done.  Now I am torn between having to wait and let hubby take it back Monday...and not getting to go myself, or just 'chalking it up' to this 'service' which has become 'typical' of this dealer, my experience, anyway. 

My question is serious, though...what...would YOU do?

- Cat

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