Re: Bobbin Tension

Anne Parker

My philosophy with the bobbin cases is to use the Red dot one for everything.  Only if I get issues do I use anything else.

If I need a tighter tension on the bobbin I use the yellow dot.  If I needed a lower tension than the Red dot I would use the blue dot one - but I don't actually have it, so I just tighten the top tension slightly.

I don't have multiple bobbin cases on my other machines, and instead of adjusting the screw on the bobbin case I just adjust the top tension until I get the balanced tension I want.  Adjusting the top tension is easier as on most, but not all, of my machines there is a number scale, whereas there are no number scales on my bobbin cases so I would need to remember or write down, or draw a diagram of where the screw was set before so I could turn it back.


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