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The 11000 feet will not fit on the 12000 unless you use the 11000 foot holder. Because of the 12000 having a 9mm width, the foot holder is different. This is also true for 10000 feet. They are high shank, like the 11000 and 12000, and can be used on the 12000 with the 7mm foot holder used on the 10000, 11000, 6600, or 7700.

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That is the way I work. I go around and get the prices BUT also I keep in mind the number of staff. As you always need some 1:1 time with a staff member( if they listened to their training and if they had it), to go over with you the new technology. Once you have had this for only a very short time you will glide ahead as you are proficient with the 10. If there is only 1 staff you will get interupted while you are having your lesson. also the dealer needs to be close (if the price is right) so you can gain the benefit of service and bits to your needs. In Australia the RRP was $12000 for the 12000. I ended paying out a little more than half. I used an old machine for trade in and sold the 11 on ebay.
I am very happy with the machine and the horizenlink. I add ---so far!!!! I like the hoop sizes and have no issue. The feet from the 11 fit the 12. BUT someone might remember better than me But I think the 10 had a shorter shank and therefore the feet would not fit. But I stand corrected if so as it was along time since I had the 10.
Happy shopping

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