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I agree I was shocked when I saw the machine with the arm on the side.  I think they have always been on the back.

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Pixey, I am really surprised that Janome did put the arm on the side this time.  All of their previous machine (I have had the 5700, 300E, the 11,000 and now the 12,000 all have the robotic arm to the back of the machine and I have loved that feature.  Obviously they did not ask for our input this time.


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Hi Georgia,
I have a 500e as well and find it perfect for some applications.  That said, the way the arm sticks out at 90 degrees I can't imagine taking it on the road.  Which is why I kept my 350e.  
I'm dreading my first effort at oiling it.  All those locations and having to remove panels...may see if I can watch my dealer do it the first time.

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Has anyone tried the new 500 ...I purchased one back in December and absolutely love it...It is a great machine.... I am hoping that they design a trolley for it very soon as I want to take it to classes and leave my 15000 home in its special place.....I wish that they had come out with it before the 15000 as I really liked my 11000 and could have just used it for sewing and backup embroidery.... I did 50 FSL angels and they turned out great....Georgia from OH

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