Re: Is there a 17000 on the horizon?

Vikki Youngmeyer

Actually, I’d like to see the hoop fastening mechanism that is on the 500e be incorporated into any upcoming combo models. It’s a lot more stable than the current method used on all other Janome machines.



Houston, TX


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I too, love my 15000 and wonder what more can there be. I’m here to tell you that there is probably quite a bit more, but we just haven’t thought of it. One being the digitizing on the machine, that Brother and BabyLock have - can’t say that interests me, or I’d own one of them too. There will be a new machine, because that is how companies keep in business. Folks like NEW, SHINY toys and if they don’t change something, we would never buy a new one, until something breaks that cannot be fixed. I’m hoping that there isn’t a new machine for at least another year. I’ve got to much other stuff to learn - i.e.: My Artistic SimpleCut Software, Digitizer MBX v5, Floriani Total Control U, and so much more on my 15000. That’s a lot of information to get my brain around so another new machine isn’t needed in my world, but I know that there will be one sooner or later.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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