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Have you checked eBay? An Australian dealer has one there at the moment Au$7500 (Aussie and US $$ are only a few cents difference right now). The listing states there is FULL Janome warranty and the box is UNopened.

I have absolutely NO affiliation with the seller, nor do I know who he/she is, but it's a very tempting offer with only $50 shipping and store backup. There is no dealer close to where I live and with my other Janome machines I've always kept the original box with polystyrene inserts and send my machines back to state office for servicing, it only costs postage one way, or if I'm going to be in the city I pre-arrange the service to be done while I wait, or pickup the machine the next day if I'm hanging around overnight.

Leaves a 'whole' lot of $$$ to buy thread and fabric!!!


On Sun, Feb 26, 2012 at 1:05 PM, peggy barrett <peggy27b@...> wrote:

Hi, I am new to the group and thinking of buying the 12000. I have the
10001 and 6600. I know you can't use the same hoops, but can I use other
things from my 10001. Will I need to purchase anything extra to transfer
designs to the machine. This is a big purchase for me, so I'd love any and
all input. Should I call shops to get prices or are they a set price.
Thank you,
Peggy on Cape Cod

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