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Patricia Ward

Hello Peggy,
If you have and use a 10001 and a 6600 I know you would LOVE the 12000.   It has extras that even these two machines combined do not have and it makes sewing and quilting a dream.  The power of the machine; the quietness, the quality of stitches -- it is all so nice. 
Yes, it is a big purchase but the thing I think it more important than price is the reputation of the dealer and the service and support that they give.  If I had to pay a little extra to get the machine at the dealer who had the excellent service reputation than that is what I would do.
For me there is only one dealer within 70 miles so he of course is and has been my dealer for years.  You can walk into this store and see the certificates on the wall from Janome trainings and institutes and know that they have the years of experience and training to take care of your machine. 

This list is owned by the Guru of Janome Machines.... I guess if you are a Janome person you know that.  lol 

I personally think that the 12000 would be a wonderful experience for you and really I think that it is pretty much a set price. I even heard the rumor that Janome was dictating how low they could go and keep their dealership so you are not going to find any internet bargains or store bargains for I think that the price is pretty much uniform all over the states.  I think that the only variable would be the numbers on your trade ins and the amount of cash you have to come up with. 

Good luck and welcome to our list.  I hope to see you posting that you bought it because you will be delighted with it.

Pat in Maryland

On Sun, Feb 26, 2012 at 1:05 PM, peggy barrett <peggy27b@...> wrote:

Hi,  I am new to the group and thinking of buying the 12000.  I have the 10001 and 6600. I know you can't use the same hoops, but can I use other things from my 10001. Will I need to purchase anything extra to transfer designs to the machine.  This is a big purchase for me, so I'd love any and all input.  Should I call shops to get prices or are they a set price.
Thank you,
Peggy on Cape Cod


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