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Judith Killen

When you receive the trolley case you will wonder where you are going to store it. It is huge and made of a plastic. The trolleys came in about 10 days ago in Sydney. My friend in Brisbane said all her friends got theirs then also. In Australia janome backed a trade in of $3000. You could trade in any machine or brand!. Many of the dealers only offered $2000 to the consumer. So the dealers got a very good deal from janome. The $12000 was the worry as they knew they would have trouble selling. The offers were made to get the 12000 out there. This trade in was as well as the bonus' that you mention.Trade-ins are very unusual in Australia.
My other brands of machines offer a free embroidery design each month with no stings attached. So when the US ladies said there was a gift each month I thought I would try to track down.
BUT now we know.
Enjoy the day

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I live in Queensland, Australia and if you purchased your 12000 before the end of December you received a Janome CD of Designs a Stitchsize CD of designs and a "trolley carry case" for the machine.

I still haven't received the trolley case as apparently they are still waiting for them to come in.

Kris in Aus

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