Re: Metal Seam Guide attachment

Anne Parker

Cas and all

There are many different seam guides out there - I also have another Singer one with a plastic piece under the guide that the screw goes through before screwing into the screw hole on the bed/needle plate.  This was supposed to stop any damage to the finish on the older machines - though I still prefer the original I sent a link to.

The link you provided Cas shows yet another version of basically the same thing and there is also a Singer version like that.  I also have a similar one on my German Vesta machines.

I don't like the idea of a magnetic seam guide on computerised machines, or those with a magnet in the bobbin mechanism.  I guess they are ok as many people use them, but I'm going to be cautious on that one.  I would use them on other types of machines - if I had a decent one!  If you like the magnet ones and are happy to use then there are lots of different ones of those out there too
​ including some wonderful ones from Sailrite, though the magnets they use are very strong so they won't move when sewing heavy canvas on their industrial type machines - I wouldn't put those anywhere near my computer let alone my computerised sewing machines!​

​My philosopy is not to be blinkered into buying things just because they say Janome on them, ​
​and to try other things I may already have first that may even work better.  I also will try things that others have said do not work  - though of course always being cautious to ensure I will not break anything!  I feel unless I tried them to see if there are issues that I could resolve, I would never know if it was something really simple and I might find something that was brilliant for my own use.

Just my thoughts! :0)


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