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I too had that happen and my dealer just gave me a new foot.  Take your spring and foot into your dealer he should replace it for you.  

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Sorry my previous message didn't go through. I was sewing with the even feed foot on my 15000 when I heard a strange noise like a crunch. I am now looking at a spring laying on the plate. Ok, I'm thinking maybe it came from the EVF so I remove it and replace it with a regular foot. Sews fine. Put back on the EVF and sews fine. Being faint of heart and loving my machine I decided it needed to go to the sewing machine hospital. The spring came from somewhere and was there for a reason, even if it is tiny. Had to happen when I'm making a gift for a baby shower. Guess I'll have to use one of my other machines. Not a happy quilter.

Springing into action, Jim says:
It sounds like the spring got under the foot. There are a number of springs inside the machine, above the needle, but most are wrapped around other parts and unlikely to fall under the foot. The even feed, or in this case AcuFeed, foot has a "helper" spring that assists its feed dogs returning to the front when the needle comes up out of the fabric. That could wind up getting caught during stitching, hence the crunch. There have been other reports of AcuFeed feed breaking, so I'm leaning toward that being the problem. Because of how the AcuFeed foot works, it might still be seeming to work without the spring, but might not do its job very well. If other feet are working OK, I would keep using the machine. You can have your dealer look at the machine, as well as the AcuFeed foot and spring, at your convenience. I don't think there is any danger in continuing to use the machine though.

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