Re: 9mm Janome Guide Foot

Anne Parker

Thanks for the clarification Jim - the blog does mention moving the needle to get various widths of seams and using the foot for Heirloom sewing which is one of my 'things' and I can see it being useful for sewing evenly spaced pin tucks, and several rows of hemstitching that you want to be acurately spaced.

At the bottom of the post the blog gives the details for both the 7mm and 9mm feet. The 9mm one is the new one out.

Sorry if I confused anyone by saying I wanted to use the 7mm on the 9mm 15000.  My reason for this was that  the 7mm one will fit the shanks on all my other machines which are all low shank.  The 9mm one would slide around a bit as the pin, left to right, where the foot attaches is wider than on a 7mm foot and I would probably encounter issues with the foot not being lined up with the feed dogs - hence my question about a low shank foot holder for 9mm feet.  It seems there isn't one.


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