Re: 9mm Janome Guide Foot

Meryl Margolies

I have a 12000 and scant 1/4" seams are a constant challenge for me. I think I would love this foot, but am I right in reading that it is not available for 9mm machines? Would I want the 7mm? Or would that clear OV foot I looked at do the trick for me. I really mostly quilt and embroider. Thanks for the input. more question  I have an original Viking D1, which I still use for paper piecing and small projects when I don't want to change over from embroidery on my Janome. I have a ruffle foot for that machine. Is there a chance I could use it on my Janome?

Don't know where you got the idea that OV is a 7mm foot. Foot OV, part #202089005, is a 9mm foot. The 7mm version is the Clear View Quilting Foot and Guide Set, part #200449001. You have a 9mm machine, so you should ALWAYS get 9mm feet. If the foot you need/want is not available in 9mm then you can use a 7mm foot ONLY if you have a 7mm high shank foot holder to attach it to.

It's doubtful that your Viking ruffler would work on your 12000. Viking feet are very different and it most likely would not line up with the needle hole. Some rufflers are adjustable and you might be able to hack it to work. However there is an equally good chance that doing so would cause damage to your machine that is not covered by warranty. I'm not sure it's worth the risk to save 0.8% of the price of your machine for a ruffler!

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