formatting ATA card for the memorycraft 10000 ver.3.0


I have some new sandisk ata cards and can't get the machine to format them.  Digitizer MBv V3 goes only to the G drive not the F drive so I can't write to the disk through the digitizer.  Any help will be appreciated.
Betsy in CA

Activating the 4-way flashers, Jim pulls into the Off-Topic lane for this excursion into the past:
ATA cards are about as common as floppy disks these days, so I'm wondering if you actually have CompactFlash cards plugged into an ATA adapter. Your machine will not be able to do anything with them unless they are smaller than 2GB. Beyond that, the Janome driver software for saving to these cards is still stuck in the past and does not believe that a disk "drive" with a capacity of more than 512MB is actually a CompactFlash card. That's why it ignores your G drive. There isn't much you can do to overcome this, other than get smaller capacity cards.

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