Re: 9mm Janome Guide Foot

Anne Parker

Had a feeling the answer was going to be no to both questions - and I expect for other makes as well :0(

I find the cloth guide either gets in the way, or it isn't quite where I want it - I like a guide right next to the right side of the foot so there is no way that the fabric can veer off.

One of my very favourite guides is a really simple one - the old Singer seam guide - you can see it in use in the second photo here -

It fits the 15000 and I really recommend it.  I set it by putting a ruler under the presser foot, lower the needle to check that the ruler is in the right place, lower the presser foot to hold the ruler, and then just snug up the guide to the ruler and screw in place.  You can use any screw that comes with any of the other accessories or the one with the guide fits too - if you feel it's not quite tight enough to stop it moving just insert a washer over the top of the guide so the screw goes through both and is able to tighten up.  You can buy them on ebay for a few pounds. :0)

Of course with the new foot you have all the measurements there and can change them easily, but you still don't have that solid barrier on the right hand side which prevents the fabric from veering off.  I find even on feet with guides the guides can bend a little though the guide on this one looks more robust.

One thing I am wondering with this foot though is about the 2 bars going across to the guide - is there a limit to the thickness of fabric that will go under them.  If your pressing down on thicker fabric with the foot will the over hanging bit lift up a bit and get caught - just curious.  I guess I am just going to have to buy the foot to find out! :0)

Gosh all these attachments and feet - will need another life time to experiment!


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