Re: Anita Goodesign Class

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

I went to a 2 day class a few years ago, and to me, it was a big push to buy a Brother machine,and purchase Anita Goodesign products.  I  was supposed to stay with a friend, and go back the second day.  Instead I went home, never even using the $10 gift card I won from the store that sponsored it.  We were 4 to a machine, and I got very little out of it.  In contrast, I recently went to a Janome event, and it was much more productive.  We learned how the machines worked, and there were 3 instead of 4 to a machine.  Each of us was able to complete a whole project.  When my design didn't come quite as well as the others, they gave me another kit to take home, as well as kits for the other projects, so all of us went home with 4 kits.  They had the requisite sales pitches, and rang a cow bell whenever someone bought the 15000.  They also got a balloon to tie on their chair when all the presenters paraded to their seat.  The cow bell was a little hokey, but it was a fun day all in all.    I know this is a subjective opinion, but I enjoyed the Janome presentation so much better.  (The machines too!  I wasn't the least interested in buying a Brother machine in the first place.)  You may get entirely different reactions from others in this group, and I realize this is just one opinion out of many.  On the plus side, they had some beautiful embroidery and quilting samples to see and buy.

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