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When I was looking for a new iron I read many reviews that said Rowenta irons leak.  There were so many good reviews that I bought one anyway.  I've found that they will leak if you press the steam button when the iron is "off" or not hot enough for steam.  Otherwise, it is a fantastic iron with incredible steam.  Someone gifted me a non-working "professional" steam station similar, but older than this one: - Rowenta DG84 Pro Precision Steam Station with 400-Hole Stainless Steel Soleplate, 1800-Watt - Clothes Steam Generators


She said she wasn't good about cleaning it when it needed cleaning.  (You have to flood the inner chamber with water at the sink and drain out the residue.)  My husband had the odd but necessary tools to take the iron apart and we cleaned it and it works fine.  A steam system like this is absolutely the best in my opinion.  You have a dry iron and press the button when you want steam.  My regular Rowenta (which I seldom use now) had a lot of steam.  This can give off so much that you could use it as a humidifier for a room!  I love it, and if it fails and cannot be repaired, I will spend the cash to buy another such iron.  We have well water here so I buy distilled water.  Not sure if that's necessary but I take good care of this iron. 
Some will say just buy a cheap iron and they work well and for years.  I agree but this might be like driving a Rolls after you've been driving a Smart Car!  :)

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