Re: Any Fellow Garment Sewists?


That sounds beautiful, Estelle!  I've seen Jacobean designs.  Is that from Hatched from Africa?  I have a few of their designs.  


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Congratulations. That is a good savings on the show outfits and a lot of work, she is lucky to have such a talented mother.

I made my daughter’s wedding dress and embroidered Jacobean flowers all around the hem, up the short train and over the bust area, then put crystals in the center of each flower. It was so much fun. I embroidered a heart on the slip with their names and the date. I then talked the mother-of-the-groom in to letting me embroider a small design that I used on the wedding dress on her outfit and I embroidered the same design on my outfit, symbolizing the bond we now have. My daughter who sews very well, made her husband-to-be and his groomsmen (one of which was her brother) vests with watch pockets. I also made my mother’s outfit with a bit of embroidery on it. I sewed all summer for the wedding but it was so worth it. 


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I sew because I have a daughter that show Arabian horses. Show outfits are very expensive minimum 500.00 but closer to 1000.00. I can make a show outfit between 300.00 and 400.00 with all the crystals. Thats a lot cheaper than  1000.00. Next she wants a wedding dress made.    

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