Re: Hatch Embroidery Software

Meryl Margolies

Thanks for that info. I've been hesitant.

What's your take on the product vs. MBX 5.0?

With a take that usually leans toward the absurd, Jim says:

It's somewhat like driving two different brands of car. They both have the same things, but they may be in slightly different places. Comparing the two head to head:

1. Have more than one brand of embroidery machine? Advantage: Hatch

2. Want ALL the features you can get in embroidery software? Advantage: MBX V5 

3. Want to start small without spending a lot, then add as you can? Advantage: Hatch

4. Want wireless connectivity with your MC15000? Advantage: MBX V5

5. Have MBX 4.x and want all the same features in an upgrade? Advantage: MBX V5

6. Need graphics software along with digitizing? Advantage: MBX V5, which includes Corel DRAW

Note that with BOTH of these programs you cannot install on as many computers as you wish. We've been told that MBX V5 allows two installations and I'm guessing that Hatch will also. This covers the case where you want to use the program on a desktop and a laptop, or a single reinstallation after a hardware failure. In cases where things aren't working right the time-honored solution has been to uninstall and reinstall, but that's not a good strategy with these products. I'm sure that Wilcom will provide a means for legitimate owners to reinstall in reasonable cases, but that will require a lot more effort than just moving a dongle from one computer to another.

Also be advised that the trial versions of both products "phone home" to authenticate and advise of time remaining. Purchased and installed products will also check for updates online. I have verified that Hatch will still function without an Internet connection, but at least one member using the trial version of V5 has had issues with crashing when an update connection cannot be established.

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