Re: We interrupt your normal list reading to tell you ...

Meryl Margolies

What is stumpwork, cutwork, and cross stitch embroidery.

Hatch doesn't have it? Will I miss it? Please tell me that cutwork is NOT applique. That would be a deal breaker.

Noting that using a chainsaw for stump work often leads to cut work requiring cross stitches, Jim says:

Stumpwork is a type of 3D embroidery. Cutwork involves using small knives in place of needles to create decorative patterns of holes. This is not to be confused with the teenagers in the mall who have their knees peeking out through holes in their $500 jeans. That's more what you might call "nutwork". Cross stitch is the art of constructing images through stitched crosses (X). Hatch has none of these features, MBX V5 does. Earlier versions of Janome's Digitizer had cutwork and cross stitch as options, but they did not sell very well. That's probably why they are now included, and it gives V5 more features against Hatch.

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