Bobbin winding /needle threader

JoAnn Novak

  I missed Jim's answer.  Where can I find this information??
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I have had off/on success with bobbin winding and the needle threader.  Thanks to all have commented on both these issues (and to Jim), I have successfully accomplished both these tasks.  I now use the LOCK key on my 12K to engage the needle threader.  I have also found that Klasse needles are longer than Janome, Organ and Schmetz.  Now I know that the needle threader fits perfectly in the needle hole for needles other than Klasse.  In the past I have not had good results winding the bobbin (on my 6600, JEM and 12K), tension was soft, didn't wind evenly.  I now use the method recommended by Jim and have had perfectly wound bobbins, thank you very much.  This last time, since my bobbin thread was a different color than top thread, I did not remove the top spool--just used a side thread holder and threaded through the bobbin 'slits' and had perfect results.  Thank you so much to all have contributed to this forum.

Carole - Colorado Springs

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